Depeche Mode – Where’s the Revolution

A new DM song echoing the social and political world today. There are ongoing protests over different causes, some of them are massive, with big potential for change. People are starting to revolt (Brexit, new US politics, corruption and pro-immigration protests in Europe )
I don’t know if you can say this is an anthem for rebellion or not, and I am not particularly fond of the lyrics (“you patriotic junkies”…) but I’m taking them lightly and placing them in a higher context.

Well it got me at 3rd spin or so, but this isn’t uncommon. It has a catchy chorus line and construction that gets you hooked once you start it. Video is also in a classy DM style, suited perfectly to the meaning ( Anton Corbijn)

Welcome back, Depeche Mode, I’m starting to get the “Spirit”. (Spirit, forthcoming album March 2017)


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